About Us

My inspiration for Tasha's Chic Boutique was that I wanted to combine being a stay at home mum for my two sons whilst encouraging them to strive to be the best that they could possibly be in all aspects of life. Initially I wrote a story about my eldest son teaching his younger brother to play football. I rented a stand to compile market research for my book, due to the fee I decided to buy some jewellery to cover the cost of the stand.

The sales for the jewellery exceeded the interest in the book and the sales were excellent. Costume jewellery became my focal point but after a while I realised that I wanted to provide value for money and longevity with the jewellery that I sell. I switched to merchandising Stainless Steel, Gold Plated, Beaded jewellery and Wooden instead, centred around the Caribbean and Africa to bring us closer to the Mother land.

My business has grown from strength to strength resulting in increased product lines. I have recently extended to t-shirts, jumpers, compact mirrors and much more items for men, women and children. Several items are designed by Tasha’s Chic Boutique. Inspiration, Motivation, Empowerment and Sophistication for Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses are always at the forefront of my creations.

I am grateful as I know that this business will provide great lesson for my sons, such as how to create generational wealth by starting your own business, teamwork, the importance of family support as well as generating an income.

I would like to thank my friends and family for all the help and support especially my sister and my sons for coming along and helping reluctantly, however when commission was mentioned this made a big difference and they made a huge effort to increase sales!!!

I hope you enjoy shopping on Tasha’s Chic Boutique’s website as my mentor would say “it’s better done than perfect” you can always make changes along the way. “ love it when a plan comes together” as my sons Tunes Times Table tutor would say.